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Cyborg Ape

Cyborg Ape displays the combined elements of Robotic mechanisms and Ape like features. Every Ape that is a part of our genesis program are all Hand Made 1 of 1s. With our Cyborg Apes we value Detail and Uniqueness as our priority! This is a Derivative project that displays the value in robotic arts combined with the arts of Apes. (This project is Not Affiliated with BAYC).

The Benefits of Holding a Cyborg Ape

By purchasing a Genesis Cyborg Ape, you will get one free mint for every derivative project that is affiliated with Cyborg Ape! One free NFT per derivative project! We have plans to keep expanding with more projects as we continue to grow , so any holders of a Cyborg Ape will have immediate access to any affiliated projects. You also get IP permission to all of our collections that may come into fruition in the future.

Every Cyborg Ape Holders will get free NFT that generated by Mutant Ape Yacht Club character!

Grant access to many event only for holders and merch!


30 Sold

Giveaway collaboration with NFT influencer and Special Christmas Drop! We will grow our community

60 Sold

Cyborg Ape Giveaway! 0.1 ETH will be given away to 3 Winners!

90 Sold

Collaboration with bigger NFT influencer + Free NFT and 0.5 ETH

130 Sold

Cyborg Ape holders will get free Merch and Early Owners badge.

160 Sold

Collaboration with other project or Famous Artist!

190 Sold

Buy MAYC and be official derivative!

200 Sold

Cyborg Ape Kids Generated Project Launching

Meet Cyborg Ape Team

Hi everyone! So we are a cyborg ape team.


CAPE | Mikael


CAPE | Stoner


CAPE | Ves


CAPE | Cdiaz

Frequently Asked Question

Can`t find the answer you`re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team for assistance! They are always willing to help.

When are drops?

All our drops are Friday for our genesis apes. Please join our discord server to keep updated about every time we have a drop https://discord.gg/YK3BjTmAFB

How much does it cost for an Ape?

0.2 ETH + gas

Where can I get an Ape?


Is there a whitelist?

No! We do not have a whitelist for our genesis project however for the future, we may have a whitelist for our generation projects.

What does the Mutant Ape mean in our Roadmap?

We will be making mutant cyborg apes once we reach our sales Goal of Cyborg Apes. Cyborg Ape will be purchasing a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT in Order to continue with this idea once our roadmap goes is met. Every Mutant Ape Yacht Club holder is given commercial rights to their specific ape. You can sell its likeness or make derivatives of it. We will be using the features of our Mutant Ape We buy to create mutant variants of our Cyborg Apes.

What is a derivative Ape?

Every Ape Yacht Club holders are given commercial rights to their specific ape so you can sell its likeness or make derivatives of it in any shape or form.

How do I get involved in Cyborg Apes?

Just hop over to this link and join in on the conversation!

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